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Installed Gadgets

Electric Fence

Think of having an electric fence securing your perimeter as a serious statement of intent to any potential burglars: you take your security very seriously! Electric fences are your first line of defence as a visual deterrent to crime. Should anyone decide to call your bluff, power energizers emit a non-lethal electrical current, either continuously or in pulses, as per your specification.

When integrated with our intruder alarm solutions, your electric fence becomes your first point of detection of any intruders. Sensors help ensure that the electric fence is tamper-proof by transmitting a signal to control room as soon as any perpetrator attempts to compromise the fence. Being transparent, yet aesthetically pleasing, they also eliminate any cover for thugs.

Intrusion Alarm

We are dedicated to the idea that you deserve to feel safe in your home. Our advanced intrusion detection systems allow you to do just that. By using the latest wireless technology, our alarm security systems ensure that help is never far away, especially in your hour of need. Our systems also enable each owner to keep an eye on their home and family from wherever they are.

We also have the provision to set your system up on the cloud, which allows for remote alarm and electronics management. Whether you want just the basic manual alarm or all the bells and whistles that come with an automatic system, our experts can help you customize a security alarm system that suits your home.


When looking to effectively monitor a fenced perimeter no other technology can provide effective 100% detection with no gaps.

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