IT Annual Maintenance

We provide our clients with comprehensive support plans to address requirements of managing our client’s IT infrastructure.

Our Annual Maintenance Services provide our clients with comprehensive support plans to address requirements of managing our client’s IT infrastructure – covering both the Edge-IT Infrastructure as well as Core-IT Infrastructure. Moreover, our services are fully customizable – and we can create a support plan just as required by our clients.

IT AMC Contract has always been the most prominent component of any enterprise therefore, it always ensures the longevity of the systems, peripherals, networks and the servers in specific. However, We have always delivered premium services as a part of the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). We have efficient technical experts who bring their own expertise, added as a valued advantage into the system.

Right support at a very right price

We initiate the AMC inquiry with a meeting to understand your requirement transparently and make sure to offer you the best proposals for your to review. Our main aim is to provide you with the right support at a very right price and keep you hassle-free for a year with your IT related issues and leave that to Impulsion technology deal with.

Your satisfaction is our goal, and we make every possible effort to resolve your issues. We have a team of experienced experts that will provide you the best support. Following are some our AMC services:

Round the clock server Monitoring

Onsite visit by our experienced engineers

Instance or incident based call‐out support

Remote helpdesk support

Regular preventive maintenance.

Periodic IT assessment and reporting

Scheduled maintenance

24×7 monitoring and support

Remote and Onsite Support

IT Support With an Emphasis on Communication.

Our clients know that with Jahadhmy Enterprises, they can always expect the best support in the industry.

Remote Support

Remote support is convenient offering immediate response times by eliminating the extra expenses of onsite service calls when possible.

Onsite IT Support

Sometimes, tech issues can be resolved remotely. Other times, your IT issues need a more hands-on approach through onsite IT support.

We have all-inclusive managed onsite and remote IT support plans can be tailored to your needs providing a fixed budget style of coverage, or if flexible number of support hours will be required during the year, you can plan your expenses and receive the best hourly rates by contracting for as many hours as needed. Our onsite and remote IT support contracts are designed to suit our customer’s needs, from single location to large, and complex multiple-site networks.

The network can consist of many different components, and you’ll need to use appropriate tools and methods in order to undertake useful monitoring. Our network monitoring includes Monitoring of routers, switches, IP-cameras, printers, and any device inside your intranet behind a firewall is included as well.

Network and Server Monitoring

When Networks And Server Fail, The Flow Of Information Required By Applications And Business Operations Stop.

Monitoring of network components and servers is an important part of any Network/Systems Administrator duties.  Generally, monitoring is either:

An automated Task

Using softwares that automate the monitoring and maintainance of your entire network from a single browser screen.

A Manual Task

This forms part of a routine maintenance schedule for servers and the network.

Jahadhmy gives you full insights into your servers. CPU, memory, hard disk fill level, network bandwidth, running processes, attached hardware, and many more. We give you a unified overview of all your infrastructure. Supervise any aspect and receive alerts if something is not as expected. With us you will be able to Monitor your entire IT infrastructures, from simple to complex, small to big. All of that will be hassle-free and with or without prior monitoring experience.