Google Apps For Business

Google Apps refers to cloud-based services from Google

Jahadhmy provides all the integration of google apps for your business. If you’re a small business owner, an educational institution, a family, or an organization and you don’t have the resources to run your own server and host these sorts of services in-house, you can use Google to do it for you. You can also use custom instances of things like Google Hangouts and Google Drive in order to facilitate collaboration within your workplace.

These services can be blended into your existing domain and even branded with a custom company logo. You can also use the same control panel to manage multiple domains, so you could manage “” and “” with the same tools.

Advanced Security Features

Exchange Online gives companies a majority of the same benefits that on-premises Exchange deployments provide. Users connect to Exchange Online via the Microsoft Outlook desktop client, Outlook on the web with a web browser, or with mobile devices using the Outlook mobile app to access email and collaboration functionality, including shared calendars, global address lists and conference rooms.

Administrators use the Exchange admin center to tweak features in Exchange Online, such as the ability to put disclaimers in an email.The Exchange admin center is a centralized management console used to adjust Exchange Online features, including permissions, compliance management, protection and mobile to configure mobile device access.

Mainstream Support for Google Apps

You can choose to seek help from Google Certified Admins support, you can also seek advice through Google online forums, online support websites.

Benefits Of Exchange Online

It's Easy

Unlike many apps, the Google Business Apps are intuitive.

Cost Efficient in the Cloud

Google Business Apps can give you the tools to expanding your business at around only $5 a month.

Google Sets a standard in Security

The safety of your data is top priority at Google.

As Powerful As You Need It

Google Business Apps has the Google apps script and Google for Work APIs enabling your system’s administrators and software developers to integrate their software with them.