Office 365 & Exchange Online

Microsoft Exchange Online is a cloud based version of the traditional Microsoft Exchange Server.

We’ve provided templates you can customize with your company information, case studies that detail best practices and lessons learned, and training assets to help you get your employees up to speed quickly. We share some of the tools we used to help guide the planning, deployment, and training and support stages of Office 365.

Organizations can use Exchange Online in a hybrid arrangement in which some mailboxes remain in the data center while others are hosted in Microsoft’s cloud. A hybrid deployment allows an organization to retain some control and use some of its on-premises functionality, such as secure mail transport, with a cloud-based mailbox. Organizations can also use cloud-only deployments that put all the mailboxes in a Microsoft data center.

Advanced Security Features

Exchange Online gives companies a majority of the same benefits that on-premises Exchange deployments provide. Users connect to Exchange Online via the Microsoft Outlook desktop client, Outlook on the web with a web browser, or with mobile devices using the Outlook mobile app to access email and collaboration functionality, including shared calendars, global address lists and conference rooms.

Administrators use the Exchange admin center to tweak features in Exchange Online, such as the ability to put disclaimers in an email.The Exchange admin center is a centralized management console used to adjust Exchange Online features, including permissions, compliance management, protection and mobile to configure mobile device access.


You might get a lot of emails, literally hundreds a day, Microsoft Exchange will help you make sense of it all.

Benefits Of Exchange Online

Active Email Protection

Exchange actively protects your communications with the built-in defense against the email threats.

Cloud- on your terms

Exchange provides you with the tools to move to the cloud on your terms.

Accessible From Anywhere

You can stay connected and in sync whether you are using outlook on your work PC using Outlook.