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CCTV Surveillance System

Our safety, security and communication solutions will transform your environment to digital world. We aim at revolutionizing the field of safety and security by bringing in higher and more advanced forms of safety and security technologies. We offer systems and solution that achieve a balance between a secure and comfortable workplace and a productive environment by applying verity of technologies that will work for every scenario.

We design individual CCTV solutions for our clients requirement from small 4 camera analog cctv setup to corporate highly secured IP TV installations at any scale and budget. We have dedicated and highly experienced CCTV engineers and technicians to carry out design, implementation after sale services for the entire system.


    Video surveillance is a critical tool when it comes to preventing crimes. Loss of property, and even more tragic; loss of life can be prevented with a professional Video Surveillance System. CCTV can be a first alert to signal impending trouble on school campuses, government buildings, and public areas. We can offer you and your company a full Video Surveillance Solution with World Leading products from difference vendors like, HIK Vision, Dahua, Axis Communication, and software for remote viewing, controlling and management. We can provide an extensive selection of related services:

    • Remote Surveillance
    • Remote Verification
    • Remote Service
    • Remote Service
    • Remote Control

    Why Us?

    We are one of the leading security solution providers in the region with high end technologies.

    Benefits of Access Control

    CCTV systems are proven to deter even the most determined thieves.

    Significantly reduces external theft and internal fraudulent behavior.

    Promotes a safer working environment for staff and customers.

    Utilized for Retail analytics and customer behavior patterns.

    Enhance Your Security Now

    Our CCTV systems can be designed to meet even the most demanding and complex requirements including areas where it is impossible to run cables. We are experts in wireless cameras and are fully qualified in designing remote systems using wireless bridge technology.

    CCTV can provide a whole host of advantages within the building in which it is installed, along with its contents and any workers or residents. We realized that the only way to take excellent care of our clients is to create & build SMART CCTV technology into everyone of our surveillance systems.

    Protect your business, your employees, and your customers with a customized Security System from Jahadhmy Enterprises.

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